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  • Order parts & truck stock through Bluon
  • Get tech support for your team
  • Supported techs are productive techs!
  • No cost - just use the platform!
28 Years

Average Amount of Field Experience of Bluon Support Techs

4.8 Stars

Average Tech Support Call Rating

45 Min

Average Time Saved By Using Bluon To Check Availability and Order

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  • Easily send and track requests to your supply houses
  • Empower your techs to check for availability!
  • Manage and approve quotes!
Tech Finds Model Number
Bluon Determines Part Number
Techs Check Availability
You Manage Quote
Get Parts Delivered
You + Your Tech Can Track

Real Support
By Real Techs

  • Get priority tech support for your team!
  • No scripts, just incredible techs with 20+ yrs of experience
  • Bluon is the foreman you wish you had!
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