Bluon saves us with maintenance costs, electricity costs, and capital costs.

Michael Borchard
President, M&N Foods (Carl's Jr.)

Every tech should be using Bluon. They are literally in business to help you succeed.

Brian Orr
HVAC School Podcast

I used to spend hours looking for manuals on Google but thanks to your app I have all of them available instantly.

Troy Danko
HVAC Tech, Piedmont Service Group

Anyone can sell you a tank of refrigerant, Bluon is selling success.

Jim Bergmann

Less customer complaints, less hours spent on the job, more profits, that’s what Bluon does for us.

Joe Eqosque
Service Manager, Efficiency Mechanical

I really do love the mobile app. It’s a wonderful tool to have!

Bonnie Eversmeyer
HVAC Tech, OCHC Heating & Cooling

I absolutely love the Bluon app. It gives me any info about the system that I need!

Mark Cantrell
HVAC Tech, Country Comfort H&AC

The largest and fastest growing support platform for HVAC techs.

Bluon is a centralized hub of training, support, and equipment to make your life easier. This includes:

  • Revolutionary mobile app
  • 24/7 live technician support from industry veterans
  • Fast and easy way to indentify and purchase replacement parts from your favorite distributors (coming soon!)

Bluon is free for technicians, and always will be.

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Elevate your techs and grow your business.

  • Just in time training keeps your techs current in a rapidly changing industry
  • Stop losing business due to unskilled techs

Easily identify & purchase the right parts every time.

  • Place orders to your existing distributors via Bluon’s Platform
  • Stop wasting billable hours and slash supply house visits
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Changing the way you think about HVAC with the Bluon retrofit program.

  • Stop replacing equipment
  • Extend useful life, reduce maintenance, and increase efficiency
  • Hit sustainability goals with meaningful GHG reduction
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Bluon truly partners with distributors.

  • Better trained counter people = more sales
  • We handle technician support so you don’t have to
  • Streamlined interactions with customers
  • Bluon platform partners can leverage the Bluon technician community
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Real Support for Service Techs

Database of 35,000 HVAC models

  • Manuals & OEM service info
  • Technical specs summary
  • Standard & optional controls
  • Replacement parts for each model number (coming soon!)
  • Forum to discuss specific models and general issues (coming soon!)
  • Step-by-step retrofit instructions

24/7 technician support by actual techs with 2-minute wait times

The Bluon Platform

Bluon is a solution platform created to change the future of HVAC with an army of technicians empowered by excellent products, access to industry vets, and an unbreakable community.


Tech-approved products like TdX 20


Real world training and accreditation


Specs, parts, & manuals for 35,000 models


24/7 access to industry veterans


In-field services for complex jobs


Bluon Member Technicians


Empowered techs drive better outcomes with fewer call backs


Field-tested solutions drive big savings for customers


Only techs can fix the massive HVAC energy waste happening in our country

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Bluon? +

Joining Bluon is easy. Just download the app for your iOS or Android device from the app store and create an account on the app. Bluon is only for people in the HVAC industry: techs, contractors, distributors, students, etc. If you're in the industry, you can become a Bluon member. The Bluon app is free.

Where can I buy R-458A? +

You can buy TdX 20 (R-458A) refrigerant at most distributors. In area where there is no distributor coverage yet, we have partnered with TrueTech Tools to offer 2-day shipping. You can find a distributor here.