Upgrading the
HVAC Industry

Upgrading the HVAC Industry

The Bluon impact

The Largest HVAC Community on Earth

HVAC technicians

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HVAC technicians

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of all technicians in the US are Bluon technicians

3% market growth per month

For Distributors

Transform your counter staff with a single tool to receive live orders from 150k+ Bluon Techs in the field.

Also gain access to the most comprehensive cross-reference search in the industry.

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For Contractors

Empower your techs to get more jobs done. Bluon is a mobile support platform your techs will actually use.

Identify and order parts directly from your local suppliers - no more wrong parts or extra supply runs.

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For Technicians

Join the largest community of HVAC techs and the only support platform to truly empower those in the trade.

Get access to 325k+ HVAC units with manuals, original parts lists and tech support.

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One App for Every Job

Database of 325k+ HVAC units with manuals

Includes part #s and specs for most models

Order parts from local suppliers