HVAC retrofit and blends training

We’ll train your team on HVAC retrofits and using refrigerant blends

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Are you prepared for what’s coming?

R-22 retrofits are the future as Covid has killed budgets for replacing R-22 equipment and as available R-22 supplies dry up. Bluon can prepare your ugys for the challenges of R-22 retrofits and working with replacement blends like TdX 20.

  • The replacement reality Why R-22 replacement blends are becoming the reality
  • New jobs How to generate profitable projects from existing accounts
  • R-22 vs replacement blends How blends are different than R-22, and how to avoid problems
  • New accounts How to win new accounts with a clear competitive advantage
  • Retrofit basics How to convert systems from R-22 to blends
  • Keep accounts How to retain existing accounts by offering unique value
  • The Bluon retrofit solution Our total retrofit solution, including app and live support
  • Better Job Outcomes How to mprove your service techs with worldclass support

Interested in Our Training?

Online or In-House Training

Our online group training is free as a courtesy to the HVAC industry. (In some cases we can fly out to your facility for in-person events). Training takes 1 hour.

In-App Training

Download the Bluon app and take the Bluon Retrofit Accreditation module, which covers the R-22 phaseout, working with blends, and using the Bluon support ecosystem.