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Told to replace your home AC unit?

Now you can upgrade your home R-22 AC system with Bluon instead!

Upgrade Your Refrigerant

Replace R-22 with Bluon TdX 20
  • 10-20% cost of replacing AC system*
  • Lowers energy bill
  • Extremely cost-effective carbon reduction
  • Noise & vibration reduction*
*Costs vary depending on labor rate, equipment, and other factors.
*Noise & vibration reduction typical but no guaranteed.

Replace your entire system

Buy new a R-410A system
  • 5-10x the cost of a Bluon upgrade*
  • Disruptive installation
  • Can increase overall carbon footprint
*Costs vary depending on labor rate, equipment, and other factors

Benefits of Going with Bluon

Energy Savings

Bluon TdX 20 is an energy efficiency refrigerant. Homeowners typically save hundreds per year from reduced electricity usage.

Noise Reduction

TdX 20 improves compressor stability, typically resulting in a noticable reduction in noise and vibration when your AC unit is running.

Carbon Reduction

Installing TdX 20 refrigerant in your home system removes as much CO2 emissions as replacing your gasoline car with an electric vehicle (3 metric tons per year).

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Ask your HVAC contractor to install Bluon TdX 20 into your AC system. We
support your contractor every step of the way.

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