R-22 Replacement


The price of R22 refrigerant has been skyrocketing lately, making it increasingly expensive to repair HVAC and refrigeration units. What you may not have realized is that this is by design. This has been done to attempt to force you into using a replacement refrigerant or even worse, buying costly new equipment.

But which R22 replacement is the best?

Bluon has developed a leading new refrigerant called TdX 20, which replaces and improves upon R22. This innovative product is available now and offers considerable benefits.

As it stands, R22 will only be getting more expensive. Existing stocks will run out and no more will be produced. Now is a great time to transition to pro-actively replace R22 with Bluon TdX 20 and upgrade your system as a result.

The problem of low R22 supplies is not an obvious one and many people remain unaware. This is not a problem that is going to go away and there will come a day when R22 is not available at any price.

Let’s take a look at how this situation came about and why you should switch over to an R22 replacement now.


So why exactly is R22 getting so expensive and becoming harder to find? When is it going to run out completely? What can we replace it with? These are questions a lot of people have. To get the answers, we need to start by looking at the history of R22.

Created in the 1930’s, R22 refrigerant was a replacement for the dominant refrigerants of the time, which contained ammonia. It was considered a safer and more effective replacement and it worked well for decades until the 1980’s when an environmental problem was acknowledged. It was proven that HCFCs, which R22 is, were responsible for creating holes in the earth’s ozone layer. An international agreement was reached to reduce and eventually limit the use of CFCs and HCFCs. The days of R22 refrigerant were officially numbered.

The end date for the production of R22 refrigerant is 2020. In anticipation of this, the manufacture and import of the refrigerant is being phased down, leading to the hike in prices that we are seeing. Although you can still get R22, now is the time to switch over, before you have no choices and options will be limited.

TdX 20 is the leading replacement refrigerant for R22, due to the massive value proposition it represents to every aspect of the HVAC industry. Not only does it meet modern environmental standards, it also increases the energy efficiency of HVAC units and it offers industry-first support with its veteran technicians and amazing mobile app making installations easy and effective.

Although changing over to TdX 20 is not necessary unless the R22 in your existing units leaks, getting ahead of the game does have substantial benefits. By changing over you can save up to 25% on electricity bills and help the environment at the same time.

Interested in converting your R22 HVAC system to Bluon TdX 20? We offer a complete R22 Replacement Service.


There are other replacements for R22 refrigerant on the market, but they are all less effective than R22, EXCEPT Bluon TdX 20. This refrigerant has stood up to rigorous testing and delivers energy efficiency and capacity.

Below are some of the benefits you will get from using this refrigerant.


By getting on board and switch to TdX 20 now, you can solve your R22 phase out problem before it gets out of control. You could wait until the very end, when there is no R22 available at all, but then you will be part of a mad scramble.


One of the great benefits of transitioning to TdX 20 is that you can keep all your existing equipment. Great efforts were made in the development of this refrigerant to ensure that it would be compatible with existing HVAC systems.

To switch to TdX 20 and start saving money, all you need to do is have the R22 removed and the new refrigerant added – that’s it! This easy changeover will save you both time and money.


Hundreds of tests have shown that TdX 20 can reduce the energy consumption of your HVAC units considerably. Depending on the equipment you are using, you can expect up to 25% lower energy consumption.

With the price of electricity only going up and HVAC being such a large part of your overall electricity bill, that is no small savings. Besides, being more environmentally friendly is a great look for any business.

Making the change to a new refrigerant has never made more financial or environmental sense. Now, let’s look at how you can get started with the changeover process.


Change is coming to the world of refrigerants and Bluon is at the forefront of that change with TdX 20. Work with us and get ahead of the game by replacing the refrigerant in your HVAC systems today. We have made sure the process is as simple for you as possible.

Bluon works with your contractor to upgrade and optimize your system with TdX 20. Bluon supplies real technical support, tools and resources to your local contractor to make sure they do the job right and maximize your energy savings.

Just contact us to start the process, and we will create a custom quote for you. One of our helpful agents will be in touch to talk through your needs and come up with the best upgrade approach for your business.

If you have any doubts about TdX 20 working in your system, then our guarantee should dispel them. Bluon provides a full warranty that TdX 20 will not harm your equipment. No other replacement refrigerant offers such a warranty (which should tell you something).

You could continue using environmentally damaging R22, or even look for another replacement option. But why bother when you have already found the only option that will actually perform better than R22? Bluon TdX 20 [R-458A] won’t only replace R22, it will also improve on it.

Contact us right now and we’ll help you transition to TdX 20.