All HVAC Manuals

Download the Bluon app and get manuals and documentation for over 20,000 HVAC units. Yep, seriously.

We Build the App for HVAC Manuals

We’ve spent years building a database of original equipment manuals and critical
documentation for almost every HVAC unit on earth.

Over 30,000 HVAC manuals

We know how annoying it can be to spend hours looking for equipment manuals, wiring diagrams, service manuals, and other documentation that you need to correctly maintain or repair an HVAC unit. In fact, a big part of any HVAC technician’s job is field research on the units at the job site.

At Bluon, we’re all about supporting the HVAC industry and especially the technicians, and so we made the Bluon app, which has a database of virtually every R-22 HVAC piece of equipment ever manufactured, and all the supporting manuals and documentation ever written.

That’s over 30,000 HVAC manuals, and it’s all there in one easy to use mobile app for iOS and Android phones.

All Available HVAC Documents

Sometimes the original equipment manual is not enough, and you need additional documentation that was provided along with or after the OEM unit was sold.

Well we’ve done the work to locate these hard-to-find documents, so you can focus on getting the job done instead of hunting down old parts lists and wiring diagrams.

  • Service Facts Manuals How te service the HVAC system
  • Product Data Manuals Understand the model variants and options.
  • IOM Manuals Installation, Operation, and Maintenance.
  • Miscellaneous Documentation Parts lists, wiring diagrams, and everything else we can find.

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Manuals

Bluon is America’s leading HVAC contractor and technician support company, and that includes techs who focus on residential jobs just as much as the guys who are working through the weekend to retrofit 4 100-ton IntelliPaks® in the summer heat.

Residential Air Conditioning Manuals

Need to know the original charge? Just search the app for the make and model and there you go.

Commercial Air Conditioning Manuals

Name plate missing and you need to know the recommended subcool and superheat? It’s all in the Bluon app.

R-22 and R-410A Manuals

The Bluon app has manuals for both R-22 and R-410A equipment, although we are still adding manuals for the newer R-410A systems.

R-22 Manuals

Most of the world’s HVAC infrastructure is R-22 equipment, with about 65% of the equipment in the United States still running R-22. The Bluon app contains manuals for virtually every R-22 system on the planet.

R-410A Manuals

We are adding newer R410A equipment to the app database every day, which is growing fast.

Manuals for Carrier, York, Trane, and More

The Bluon app has an extensive database of
HVAC systems from dozens of manufacturers both large and small.

Carrier Manuals

Browse manuals for over 4,000 Carrier® units with near complete documentation on popular models such as 48 series, 50 series AJ, AW, AK, AY, and most others.

Lennox Manuals

Get full documentation including original manuals for over 1,100 Lennox® units, from 1.5-ton 13ACD series on up to 50-ton S series rooftop units and other commercial systems.

York Manuals

Access over 550 York® units with manuals in the Bluon app, including service facts, product data, and IOMS for all popular R-22 units, including YPAL 50-105 family.

Rheem Manuals

Browse manuals for over 450 Rheem® HVAC package units including Installation, Operation, and Maintenance documentation as well as service facts and product data.

Trane Manuals

The Bluon app has archived over 3,200 Trane® units with extensive documentation, including for commercial infrastructure such as IntelliPak® and Voyager® RTUs.

Daikin Manuals

Access manuals and other documentation for virtually every R-22 HVAC unit manufactured by Daikin® which includes hundreds unique models, all through the easy to use Bluon mobile app.