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Bluon’s app is at the center of the largest and fastest growing support platform for HVAC techs

Real Support for Service Techs

Database of 35,000 HVAC models

  • Manuals & OEM service info
  • Technical specs summary
  • Standard & optional controls
  • Forum to discuss specific models and general issues
  • Replacement parts for each model number (coming soon!)
  • Step-by-step retrofit instructions

24/7 technician support by actual techs with 2-minute wait times

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The #1 App for techs is now the largest and fastest growing HVAC community

The Bluon app and support platform was created by technicians, for technicans. We know what you need to thrive in the rapidly changing HVAC industry.

hvac app oem

35,000+ HVAC Units

Access our searchable database of virtually every piece of HVAC equipment on planet Earth.

hvac app carrier

Key Unit Information

Our expert technicians have extracted and organized every bit of useful information about each system.

hvac app manuals

50,000+ Manuals

Save hours a day in research. Get product data, IOM, service facts, and more.

Yes, really!

hvac app retrofit bid

Retrofit Bid Assistance

Easily bid each retrofit job. Man hours, refrigerant amount, and optional valves and control panel, customized for each unit.

hvac app retrofit steps

Individual Retrofit Steps

Easy to understand, step by step instructions on how to correctly retrofit each HVAC unit to Bluon TdX 20.

hvac app parts

System Controls

Get a breakdown of controls available on this unit, and possible adjustments in a Bluon retrofit.

hvac app superheat

Tools & Calculators

Get useful tools like superheat and subcool calcs, airflow diagnostics, pressure setpoint converter, and more.

hvac app prohacks

Bluon Pro Hacks

Get our library of easy to understand and easy to master tips, workarounds, and best practices to common service pain points.

hvac app training

HVAC Training Modules

Learn important concepts with our engaging and easy-to-understand videos, directly in the app.

hvac app parts

Replacement Parts

Instantly lookup OEM and aftermarket parts for all 35,000 HVAC units. (Coming Soon!)

hvac app forum

HVAC Support Forum

The help forum totally reimagined for the HVAC industry! Get accurate and easy to find info instantly. (Out Now!!)

hvac app support

REAL Support

Call our technician support line 24/7 for in-field help. Our guys are veteran techs, and the average wait time is under 2 minutes. Seriously.

Bluon Support techs are just 2-mintues away (unlike the big boys!)

24/7 Live Support

Need help on the job? Call our veteran technician support team directly through the app. We're experts in just about every aspect of the industry.

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