How to retrofit Trane® IntelliPak® RTUs

You don’t have to replace your IntelliPak® RTUs. Now you can upgrade them with Bluon and save thousands.

If you’re working on large RTUs (Trane® Voyager®, IntelliPak®, any boxcar, etc) you’ll need to recharge the R-22. But as R-22 becomes unavailable or too expensive, using an R-22 replacement is becoming the reality. Using Bluon TdX 20 (R-458A) as your go-to replacement makes the job of converting systems MUCH easier, because there’s no oil change, and the capacity is equivalent to R-22 (yes, really).

See how we cracked the code on IntelliPak® RTUs (without having to sacrifice those 3D scroll compressors!)

Working on the IntelliPak® system

Some HVAC units just more complex, and therefore harder to correctly retrofit. The IntelliPak® units from Trane® can fall into this category, as issues with the 3D Scroll compressors can arise.

Bluon is no stranger to working with IntelliPak® units. As our video below explains, we were asked by a contractor to help with a difficult job involving the conversion of several IntelliPak® units from R-22 to TdX 20. As a result of that job (and many more like it), we have developed a solid, field-tested method for working with these systems.

Case Study: Bluon TdX 20 actually UPGRADES the IntelliPak® system

A large high-tech company and CBRE needed to convert two 105-Ton IntelliPak® units. Bluon helped convert these systems from R-22 to TdX 20 with great success. These systems are now consuming 21% less energy. Plus they were able to avoid the enormous capital expense of replacing their existing system, which was out of their budget.

Need to retrofit an IntelliPak®?

We can help. Converting to Bluon lets you avoid the costs of replacing your equipment, but also upgrades the system by reducing head pressure, lowering energy consumption, and improving stability. Our lead techs can work side by side with you or your guys to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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