Tips for Bluon for Business

Learn how to make Bluon for Business even quicker!

B4B Walkthrough

A quick overview of the B4B admin panel hosted by our VP of technology, Adam Curry.

Bluon App Training

Reminder! Your team gets these through their set up flow!


Master Mechanic within the App

Explaining how Master Mechanic will make your jobs quicker. It even knows Spanish!


Best Place to Start Live Support

Foreman Bryan J explains where the best place to start a tech support call is.


Live Tech Support with VIDEO

Solve your issue! We can see what you’re seeing and hear what you’re hearing on a job!


SH/SC Calculator

Stop doing math! Have our calculator figure out what your sub-cool is!


How to Find Info on Bluon

Shows you how to drill into the equipment you’re working on out in the field.


Target Superheat on Bluon

See our options for calculating your target and safe range for superheat.


Finding Manuals in 20 Seconds!

Step-by-Step guide on the quickest way for your techs to find manuals.